Aitzaz Ahsan teaches the nation; anything but my wife!

aitzaz ahsan anything but my wife

Protesters backed by Army and ISI marched on to Islamabad; wanting to destroy the Democratic institutions of the country. They gathered the audience with charisma, free musical concerts and fair-coloured women asking to be married to the leader of protesters. Government first ignored them, then ridiculed them, used force on them but then backed off, ran towards Army but then all of sudden got the most brilliant idea of all time – they went to Parliament for the first time. Something that they were elected to do but between being busy travelling around the world for “diplomacy” and getting business deals for their family, it was kind of a hassle before.

For the next whole week, almost all of the Opposition parties also decided to stand beside the Government. After all no one wanted the fragile Democracy to go down the drain even if they considered the elected Prime Minister and his cabinet nincompoop, and therefore they went on to berate them publicly while still giving them assurance of their backing. Parliament became a school where Prime Minister came in daily for his lecture in Governance and democracy while he passed away handwritten notes and whispers like a kid not interested in the lesson but still forced to go through the whole school day. All of the Opposition party leaders made speeches in honour of democracy and paid allegiance to the Prime Minister, some more so than others (e.g. Achakzai).

One of the most interesting points was that many of the Opposition leaders were actually in praise of the Protesters’ leader, Imran Khan. They accepted that the man has valid points, that elections were indeed rigged, that he needs to be heard and addressed whereas of course he cannot be allowed to ask for Prime Minister’s resignation. But best of all was Mr Aitzaz Ahsan, a lawyer by profession who today taught the nation a very important and vital lesson – never try bringing my wife into a discussion!

Mr Aitzaz Ahsan is a very reputable lawyer who once became famous for bringing lawyers from all over the country to Islamabad to seek restoration of Judges and then went back suddenly after singing a poem which translates something like “There will be Government, which will act like mother” (they even shot it later). For next few years we had to bear his Political Party in power and we had to deal with a very annoying mother, but that is another story. His other very interesting accolade was when a company under his wife’s name (Sam Gas Pvt Ltd by Mrs Bushra Atizaz) got rights to Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) import and distribution after the area was deregularised and interestingly this all took place around some issues where he could have been a benefactor because of his sudden silence, but then again no proof of anything concrete out there.

So back to what happened this time around. A private squabble between Interior Minister (Chaudary Nisar) and Aitzaz Ahsan became pretty public when the latter decided to bring the discussion on the floor of the Parliament earlier today. He admonished the Prime Minister and informed him of how important he and his party were, and how even though Imran Khan makes so much sense to everyone – his threat is not over yet. Which reminds you again, if Imran Khan is not wrong then why not support him? Why only get angry on the Government when they raise a point against your wife?

Lesson I am taking away from all of this is very simple. Atizaz Ahsan, an acclaimed lawyer and teacher has taught the nation the basic rule – you can tolerate harm being done to your country but you can never tolerate bad things being said about your wife. Because in the end your wife is someone you will always have to return to, no matter in which country your home is.

More power to wives around the world!

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